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The Trade for Profit Feed offers traders access to a protected twitter account which provides live market narration & technical analysis. Twitter Reviews & Testimonials.

LIVE feed (during market hours) helps convey the beat of the market as well as keep you in the loop no matter where you are.
The products most frequently discussed on the TFP feed are $ES_F (S&P500 future) $ZB_F (Nasdaq) $CL_F (crude oil)  $GC_F (GOLD) as well in play stocks/contracts for the current session.
LIVE REAL TIME futures and stock charts will be posted to the twitter feed throughout the session. Subscribers  have the ability to send @ messages for quotes and or further information as well as DM’s upon request. Typical active hours on the feed (7:30 am CT to 7:00 pm CT) 


The TFP Letter recaps the futures and equity index activity of the session and looks forward into the coming session, we cover activity of the S&P 500 | Crude Oil | Nasdaq 100 | 30 year Bond | futures contracts in a easy to read and understand format following the closing bell.  Individual stock day-trade ideas will be given from time to time in large cap stocks, such as AAPL.

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